Come relax in our Native Butterfly Garden.

Visitors can sit and reflect in our beautiful garden that overlooks the Imperial River.

pink flamingo

South West Floridas only Pink Flamongos are just one of our beautiful bird exhibits. We also have Wood Ducks, Mandarin Ducks, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoo, Lorikeet, and even a Peahen named Priscilla.

flora florida

Our old Growth Botanical Jungle is one of a kind. Step back in time as you walk amognst African Mahogany's, Kapok, Shaving Brush, Orchid Trail's, Bromeliade Gardens and Fruit Trees.


40 Alligators are waiting for you as you cross the swinging bridge over their pond. We also have turtles, tortoises, Snakes and Lizards.


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One of Florida's Original roadside attractions. Come and experience a true piece of Florida History! Step back in time and relax at this one of a kind Botanical Jungle